Tiny Parrot Was Cuddling With Dad. But When He Stopped Petting Her? ROFL!


There are some animals that enjoy getting petted, and there are others that claw at you for just getting close. Dogs are probably the most affection-desiring animal. But did any of you know that even parrots love getting scratched? The parrot in this video seeks attention in a way that’s adorable and funny at the same time!


This parrot is called Tweety. She was named after the fictional character from Looney Tunes. This adorable bird just wants to be scratched by dad. She clearly seems to be loving all the attention she’s getting. But as soon as dad stops, Tweety loses it! She loudly squawks to express her discontent about the matter!

Watch this video below! Wasn’t Tweety hilarious? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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