This Man Cuts A Paper Into A Perfect Square. What He Does With It Next Is Brilliant.


At first this man unnecessarily folds a piece of paper, which got us all puzzled. But the final result, were beyond impressive. This is a holiday life hack that’s sure to improve your overall decorations.


According to a study done at Stanford and found on their website, “Wrapping paper is often used once and thrown away. Try using colorful pages torn from magazines to wrap small gifts, and old maps or the Sunday comics for larger boxes. Avoid using paper entirely by using reusable decorative tins, baskets or boxes. If you do buy wrapping paper, look for ones made of recycled paper. Reusable cloth ribbons can be used in place of plastic bows. Finally, unwrap gifts carefully and save wrappings for reuse next year.”

Else, use these origami techniques to reuse those wasted wrapping papers and turn them into beautiful decorative. It is a simple and step by step origami tutorial. Any comments, we love to hear from you!!


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