She Is 91 Yrs Old Already. But When She Sings THIS On The Stage, NO ONE Could Believe It!


Talent show programs like Got Talent, The Voice, and Idol have always something interesting packed inside for their audiences. This video below also features a very unbelievable audition from “New Zealand’s Got Talent 2012” and you are going to be blown away by this. You are not going to believe what this 91 year old granny has hidden under her sleeves.


Olivia Turner had always wished to perform on the stage in front of the massive crowd. She just loves to sing and perform. However, life happened and she was unable to fulfill her dream. Well until now! She decided that it is never too late to conquer what you truly desire. So when she got this chance, she took it. For this audition, she covered “I could’ve Danced All Night”, a song by Julie Andrews from the musical “My Fair Lady”.

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