They Gave This Hungry Homeless Man A Pizza. But What He Does With It? I Can’t Stop Crying!


What would you do if a complete stranger stops in front of you and asks you to share the food that you have been enjoying? Would you let the stranger go away hungry or would you give him some of your food? Most of us would probably look the other way. This social experiment plays around this very topic. It was carried out by OckTV and what their cameras recorded? This is seriously shocking!


It seems we humans are gradually losing sympathy and kindness along with time. You might be the self-proclaimed king of the world, but it doesn’t hurt to be helpful once in a while. Your small help can make a huge difference in a person’s life. It is really satisfying to see people smile because of you. This video is crushing and heartwarming at the same time! This really brought a tear to my eye!

Watch the video below to see the reactions! Be honest, what would you have done? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. this made me cry it just goes to shoe that those who have it dont want to part but those who dont have it are willing to help what does that say for the society of to day heart breaking x

  2. sharing with your brothers and sisters is the greates thing you can do. Not talking about blood relatives either cause we are all brothers and sisters


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