He Began Singing THIS Christmas Classic. But Wait Till You See How His Dog Felt About His Song…


Christmas is almost here. While everyone is excited for this beloved holiday, there are some that don’t seem too happy at this time of the year. Take for example this bullmastiff in the video. He is named Norman, and for some reason, he doesn’t like Christmas. He hates every song that revolves around this holiday.


Despite how Norman feels, dad still wants to get his dog into the holiday spirit. So one day, he begins singing the famous “The 12 Days of Christmas” to his dog. The pooch’s reaction upon hearing his owner’s voice is pure gold. He looks so unimpressed and seems as if he wants his owner to stop singing. Just wait till you see his hilarious response for yourself!

Watch this video below! Did Norman crack you up as well? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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