He Presses A Bubble Wrap Over His Window. Reason? This Is Absolutely GENIUS!


Some of us like winter while some of us don’t. Nevertheless winter is a beautiful season. But despite its perks, it comes along with some displeasure. Some places experience a minor change in the weather during winter, while some places like Minnesota and Alaska go through hell. So accordingly you might have to make major modifications to your abode.


For those folks that want to save some cash when doing these changes will be pretty happy to view the video below! This clip from the YouTube channel The Savings Experiment shows us a throng of life hacks that will help keep our house a bit more warm and toasty. These tips are going to save you hard earned cash and they are pretty simple to follow as well!

Watch this helpful video below! Are you going to try some of this yourself? Do you know other tricks like these? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I wonder if the bubble wrap on windows would work in reverse for someone like me who lives in Arizona.. would that work in the summer down here?

  2. I use the clear plastic sheeting sold by the yard in the fabric section of most Walmart stores. The thicker the better. It is clear and can be reused year after year. I even used it on my porch this winter and used wood stripping slats to fasten it up. It worked great, and I can see out,


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