Granma heard her favorite rap song while making dinner, then starts dancing right in the kitchen


This mom was quietly preparing a meal in the kitchen. And then all the peace and quiet shattered. This one track blared from the speakers and she couldn’t keep still! The moment she heard the tune, she began doing a hilarious jig in the kitchen itself!


Vanilla Ice came up with a very addictive song years back called ‘Ice Ice Baby’ which was sampled off of Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’. It is very catchy and infectious and makes you tap your toe along with the music. And this woman was no exception to the norm.

Watch this lady’s awesome dance moves in the video below. Tell us what did you thought of it in the comments!


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  1. iF YOU GOT THE MOVES GO 4 IT!!!! woo hoo! she is kicking it lol… good for her boby, mind and soul <3 her! life is about making it the best for you, only you!


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