Mom Started Dancing To “Uptown Funk”. But What Dad Did Next? I Can’t Stop Smiling!


Parents do everything they can to shape their kids into a better person. Most of the times, they are serious when it comes to dealing with their kids. But sometimes even they prefer to take it easy and goof around. This is just what Brooklyn Hitchcock’s parents were doing. She posted this video online and titled it, “Parents embarrass daughter with public dancing.”


Brooklyn’s family was about to go out when she suddenly caught her mom dancing in the driveway to “Uptown Funk.” Her dad soon joins his wife, and together they show their moves for all the neighbors to see. Though Brooklyn wrote, “This is what I deal with” in the description, it’s pretty clear from her laughs that she loves her parents more than anything in the world.

Watch the video below! What did you think of their moves? Let us know in the comments section!


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