She Turns Around While Singing Onstage. Now Keep Your Eyes On Her Legs! IMPRESSIVE!


Most of the people focus on just their single talent. However, Ksenia Parkhatskaya is little different. She not just loves to dance, but wants to sing along as well. So when she went for the audition of Ukraine’s version of So You Think You Can Dance, she not just performed an epic 1920s dance routine but started out with a perfect jazz song.


This young dancer, Ksenia hails from Saint Petersburg Russia. She is a really talented dancer, yet she decided to start out with a song during her audition. Even though some of the judges snapped along, they didn’t really seem impressed when she started to sing. But the moment she started to pull off this routine, no one could take their eyes off.

I am totally enthralled by her routine. What about you? Let us know via comments!


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