This Girl Is Just 10 Years Old. But Her Talents? Marvelous!


This little girl featured in the video is Kaycee Rice and she is just 10 years old in this video. She started dancing at the delicate age of 4 and shortly after started entering in competitions. She is confident and her dancing abilities are marvelous! Some of her performances have gone viral overnight and the dancers she looked up to are starting to take notice of her.


In this video Kaycee can be seen performing her first ever hip-hop solo. She earned the first place and after seeing this performance, you will agree! Singer Katy Perry shared this very same video with her Twitter followers and it helped Kaycee up into public eye. Her moves are so definite that you forget that you are watching a 10 year old. She has received some criticism for inappropriate dress up and performance, but her mother says that that’s just her dance.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts about Kaycee’s performance in the comments section!


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  1. Good dancer , but why oh why ??? that choice of song to dance to ? Now , do parents pick the song , or have any say in it at all , and if they did pick it, and the moves to it , well , we’ll find out perhaps as the CHILD grows up..sheeesh ,


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