Nobody Wanted This Old Shelter Dog. But What She Does When She Finally Gets Adopted Is Heartwarming!


A friendship between a man and his dog is always so touching and inspiring to watch. This video below features one of the most moving friendship stories between a man and an old shelter dog which will definitely move you to the core.


This young man found friendship in a way many people would not have anticipated. He saw an old forgotten shelter dog that no one wanted to adopt. Soon enough, he adopted this dog, Stella, and found his new best friend in her. From the moment they met, they felt the connection. Seeing them enjoying their new friendship in the video below is quite moving. You can really sense the precious bond these two have while they play together.

Unfortunately Stella died on 5th March 2014 from cancer. Watch this heartwarming video below and share your thoughts about it in the comments!


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  1. Lost Leo May of 2014 he was 14 yrs old…still cry and miss him dearly…you are an amazing man to take her at her age….but I would do the same always….they give us their all….

  2. I lost both of my rots brother and sister 10years old still miss them and still cry. I sorry about yours . There family and we will miss and love them.


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