A Homeless Man Sits At The Piano. What He Does Next Left Everyone Grabbing Their Cameras!


On a piano donated and placed by Sarasota Keys Piano Project for anyone to sit and play an impromptu concert, a homeless man sat down and created a miracle. His genuine talent instantly grabbed attention and pushed him to become the subject of discussion and famous all around the world.


Donald Gould is a homeless man who recently took the internet by storm through his exceptional talent on black and white keys of piano. It was not his intention to become famous; he merely wished to make some dollars through his talent on the streets. But when people started to acknowledge his talent and posted his video on the internet, instantly thousands of people started to share and view the video. Now people are even trying to help him raise money and a subsequent page has also been set up on Go Fund Me to raise money for him.

Watch this marvelous video below and tell us what you think about it in the comments below.


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  1. Sorry to be the one who rains on the parade, but that is as boringly repetitive a clip as I have ever heard! Even my wife, who was in another room and unaware of what I was watching, called thorugh to ask me – because she had arrived at the same conclusion. I hope the gentleman benefits from this exposure – but don’t try to convince any musician that he is “gifted”, or “talented”!

  2. Step aside from the fact that this gentleman is homeless. He has clearly not been homeless all his life. He was someone, who more than likely had something to his name, a wife, family, home. He is able to play a piano…….. Did anyone one else see him sitting at a piano, in a house, playing to someone, getting lost in the music. I’m sure this will bring back memories to him reminding him of what once was. Reminding me: there but for the grace of God go I. Xx


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