Her Soldier Dad Had Been Deployed Away From Her For Years. But Their Reunion? I’m In Tears!


Soldiers have it hard. Getting deployed to a far off nation and not being able to see your loved ones for a long period of time is not something everyone can deal with. They are brave souls. But so are their family members. An 8th grader from Bingham Middle School in Missouri has been away from her dad for years because of his deployment. But she finally got a chance to meet him last year.


During Veteran’s Day performance, Haley Webb was asked to introduce a special guest in front of all her classmates, teachers, and parents. She went onstage and started reading from a paper which celebrated the special guest’s life achievements – then she realized it was actually her own father, U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Jason Webb. Wait till you see this daddy-daughter reunion!

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