When No One Came To Her Autistic Son’s Party, This Mom Was Torn. But What Happens Next? OMG!


How would you react if you planned a lavish party for your pals and not a single soul showed up? This little kid from St. Cloud, Florida went through a very disappointing situation similar to this. He is named Glenn Buratti and he is just 6 years of age. His mother Ashley invited all of his 16 classmates to his birthday party, but none of them came. Why? Glenn is autistic.


When none of his “friends” showed up, he refused to smile. Ashley was heartbroken and distressed when she had to explain to her son why he was all alone at his own party. Ashley wrote a Facebook status after this heartbreaking incident. She wasn’t expecting anything, but the responses she got were amazing! Kids and parents from her community showed up at their door with gifts for Glenn. Even the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office sent him gift; a flyover from the helicopter!

Hope Glenn’s classmates and parents learn something from this. Watch the video below! Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!


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  1. I think those 16 kids and their parents are beyond unkind. I would be mortified were I one of the 16, but then I would never have done this to a poor innocent child. Shame on those parents.


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