This Baby Was Abandoned For His Disability. But When You See Him 17 Yrs Later? I’m In TEARS!


17 year old Gabe Adams is not your typical teenager. He was born in Brazil and with no arms or legs. Because of this very reason, Adam was abandoned by his mother in the hospital. Sadly, few hours after his birth Gabe ended up in an orphanage. However, Gabe was soon enough destined to meet his guardian angel in USA.


Janelle, a mother from Utah happened to see Gabe’s photo in a grocery store. She instantly fell in love with his big and hopeful eyes. When she found out about his condition, she soon enough decided to adopt him. Janelle and her husband Ron are loving parents. Even though they had to struggle a lot for Gabe and his disability, they managed to make him independent.

Watch Gabe 17 years later. Did this touch your heart? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. God gave him to the family he needed. One that would push him and not wrap him in cotton wool nor one that would put him in a corner and ignore him. Good on you, good on him.


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