What This Hunter Found In The Woods Is Probably The Most Adorable Creature On This Planet!


When hunting season comes along, we tend to get a lot of notifications and stories on our social sites about all those adventurous trips and gathered trophies. But then those trophies are not shiny and sparkly, but a bit grim. But once in a blue moon, you come across something so wonderful, it bewilders you.


In one such hunting trip, Chris Cooper came across this little creature; an adorable white ermine. Ermines are also called stoat or short-tailed weasel. he seems like the shy type, so he pops his cute little face in and out of the tree stump. The way this cutie plays peek-a-boo will melt your heart!


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  1. I want to scritch him behind his little ears and I will call him Dave. In honor of “Dave’s Not Here Man” from Cheech and Chong. It’s along story man…ha ha


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