This Baby Elephant Slips Down. But Wait Till You See What His Parents Do For Him! PRECIOUS!


It was a normal day for at the Zoo Zurich. A herd of elephants were going about their usual routine, when all of a sudden the smallest member of their family gets into a little ordeal. The tiny baby elephant takes a step into uneven territory and lands himself in an awkward position on his back which makes him unable to move. But what happens next is heartwarming!


It was not less than a few seconds when mama and company come to rescue their baby. They rush to his side and steady him in jiffies! It really is incredible to watch how protective these majestic beasts are of their little ones. The parents of the year award should definitely go to these super elephants! The people who witnessed it there really had the best day out for sure!

Watch this cute video below! Have you seen anything like this? Let us know your thoughts about this video in the comments section!


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