They Lined Up Behind A Sheet. Now Watch What THESE 5 Doctors Did Together Next—OMG!


Only a few people can find time for their hobbies. The rest of us are so caught up in our work that we don’t seem to be able to spare time for our pastime. People in the medical field have it hard; their work keeps them busy and unable to engage in other activities. However, the anesthetist in the video still can manage to do what they love. What they do will surely leave you amazed!


This musical parody group is called the Laryngospasm. It consists of four certified nurse anesthetics (CRNAs). They covered Neil Sedaka’s classic hit “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” at Minneapolis School of Anesthesia student Christmas party in 1990. That’s when they had the idea to make a parody of it called “Waking Up Is Hard To Do!”

Watch the video below. Wasn’t this entertaining? Let us know your thoughts the comments!


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