He Takes A Plastic Bottle And Cuts Its Head Off For A BRILLIANT Reason. I’m Trying This Tonight!


The biggest villains to ruin our summer time outings and parties are mosquitoes. We buy a lot of expensive lotions and products to scare away the mosquitoes. But did you know that you can make your own mosquito trap to get rid of them?


This man in the video below uses simple everyday household items to trap pesky mosquitoes. He starts by cutting off the top third of a plastic two liter bottle. Then he adds one quarter cup of brown sugar, one full cup of warm water and one fourth a teaspoon of yeast in this bottle. According to this man, this potion is an irresistible concoction which attracts the mosquitos. He then takes the top of the bottle without the cap and places it inside the bottle upside down. This way, mosquitoes are trapped inside the bottle and won’t be able to harm any human.

This is the best solution I have found till now to get rid of annoying mosquitoes. I am definitely going to try it. What about you?


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