She Ties A T-Shirt Around Her Wet Hair. But Wait Until You See Her Hair Next Morning. Gorgeous!


If you want curly hair, you are most likely to grab some curling iron to curl them right? Everyone knows that using heat to curl can actually bring a lot of damage to your hair. So what should you do to have that perfect fluffy curly hair without heat then? Think no more, this woman in the video below has a perfect solution for your problem.


Start your hair fresh out of the shower. Then, add some products to make your hair shiny and to keep the frizz down. If you want you can also use a heat protectant spray, though it is quite optional. Then comb your hair from roots to tips to evenly distribute your hair. Take a t-shirt, lay it on the bed, and wrap it around your head like the woman in the video. It may take some tries to perfect it, but you will get it eventually. It will look like a t-shirt turban which will protect your curls while you are sleeping and the hair will naturally dry overnight. And the next morning, you will end up with beautiful frizz free and beautiful curl.

What a simple way to have a beautiful hairdo, don’t you think? Will you be trying it? Do let us know through your comments.


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