Sleepy Baby Farts In Front Of This Cat And Dog. But It Was The Cat’s Reaction That Floored Me!


In the internet, there is no lack of adorable friendships and the unbelievable bonds. This video is one of them! However, it doesn’t feature only two friends but three unlikely species. It shows an adorable moment between a baby, cat and dog which is definite to melt anyone’s heart.


Baby Elsarose is just 6-weeks-old, yet she has already made tons of friends, including family cat named Pebbles and Nelda, the 8 month old Labrador. One day, mom caught them having this adorable moment. All of them were cuddling in with one another. But moments later, two of them, Elsarose and Nelda fall asleep leaving Nelda to her own. Wait till you see what Nelda does next!

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