16 Months Old Was A Victim Of Child Abuse. When I Saw What She Had To Go Through, I Cried!


16 months old Addison Weast was rushed to a hospital with severe skull injuries on 31st March 2010. The person who was supposed to take care of her was 24 year-old Cody Geddings, Addison’s step-father. Even though doctors tried their best, Addison died only some days later.


According to Geddings, Addison fell off the crib and got the injuries. But through the examination, doctors found that the injuries that Addison had was very severe and was not the result of falling down. Police investigation also discovered Geddings’ dark past; he had an extremely violent history. Geddings was charged with 2nd degree murder and was imprisoned. After the incident, Addison’s mother divorced Geddings and broke all ties with him.

Every 10 seconds an act of child abuse is reported in the United States. Watch this video below and share your thoughts about this issue in the comments!


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  1. My heart was broken just watching this.How can someone do this to a child Bless her heart,She didn’t ask to be in this world .She is in a much safer place now,RIP..sweet pea.

  2. It broke my heart, that poor baby, why oh why do thse terrible things happen to innocent little children. I loved all my babies so much, I was like a tigress, if anyone had ever harmed them well…………………..I think you know the answer all of you. God bless her safe with Mr Jesus now xxxx

  3. So so very sad..a beutiful child denied her life.hope Karma hits him very hard he didnt deserve even a sniffing of that beautiful baby girl.R.I.P Maddison.

  4. Why ,why in the hell monsters like that are capable of bringing a child in this world ? .we always see pictures and more pictures of children where ever they are , are followed by an Angels , this is so peaceful.


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