Cat loves playing with the vacuum cleaner, and the internet can’t get over how funny it is


The complex yet captivating relationship between a cat and a vacuum cleaner is very well recorded in the internet. Some love them while others hate them. But no matter which one it is, whenever a cat and a vacuum cleaner come together, things always take on an adorable turn!


Most cats are known to absolutely abhor and detest vacuums. Fear of the vacuum cleaners can trigger total panic in some cats. Even if they have lived with a dreaded vacuum cleaner for years, just the sight of it can bring out unexpected reactions. But no worries for this cat’s owner! He has developed a strange attraction towards it and he can’t seem to release his tight hold on it!

Watch this cute video below and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!


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  1. My cat won’t let us vacuum until he is vacuumed all over, my other cats take off and hide until it’s all over. Sure makes you wonder why some like it ,then some are scared to death of it.


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