A Lesbian’s Reaction To A 4 Year Old When Questioned If She Was A Boy Is Mind Blowing.


According to the YouTube description “Ash discusses the current state of homophobia in our culture challenging even the word “homophobia” itself. There is no fear, just loathing. Hating things we don’t understand, people we don’t know or anything that is different than our day to day.


“Homophobic” people are not scared of anything. We all have a responsibility to live our lives as active activist’s not passive ones when it comes to protecting our fellow humans from hate of any kind.” This is very inspirational yet a light hearted too. Very well said, Ash Beckham.

A video, which everyone must watch and share. Salute her for being so open about herself and helping others to come out of their closet too. If you have anything to tell us then please feel free to write in the comment section below.


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