When This Guy Picks Up A Wrong Beer, Keep Your Eyes On WHAT This Horse Does! OMG!


We are all quite familiar with Budweiser Super Bowl commercials. These advertisements are either funny or filled with emotions. The stars of these commercials are our all-time favorite Clydesdales. However recently, Budweiser shared some bad news. They announced that they would be dropping the Clydesdales from their commercials during the holidays.


Of course, all the Clydesdales fans got devastated when they heard the news. They all loved these gorgeous creatures and who wouldn’t? Fortunately, within the matter of days, Budweiser stated that they would be featuring Clydesdales again. This video below features the 2015 Budweiser Clydesdale Beer Run, which is as awesome and witty as always! You are just going to love this!

Watch this video below. Did you find it funny? Let us know via comments!


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